Improv for Leadership & Management Skills


  • In a saturated corporate training market where everything can appear a bit ‘same old, same old’, here is an approach to personal development which jumps out of the box, and refuses resolutely to get back in.

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Improvisation as a learning outcome

Improvisation in business is its own skillset. It’s about being in the moment, retaining all your faculties in moments of tension and naturally suppressing the fight or flight response in order to remain flexible, open-minded and focussed, whatever is being thrown at you. The Maydays deliver improvisation training sessions across the world to organisations of all sizes. You can read more about the benefits of improvisation at work here.

Improvisation as a bridge to other skills

Additionally, the core skills of improvisation can be used to deliver other soft skills, including listening and communication, leadership and trust, innovation and creativity, emotional intelligence (EQ) and mindfulness. Improvisation training is a real panacea, and it also makes people feel good about themselves and brings happiness into an organisation.

Here are some of the applications we are regularly asked to work to, for some of the world’s largest corporations:

Sales Pitch Training

Improvisation unites a group fast and gets them listening and responding in the moment. Great for getting all the pitch team on the same page, working as one and outshining the competition. More…

Flexibility & Agility Training

In an uncertain world, organisations are seizing the opportunity to build some flex into how people think and work. Developing emotional, physical and verbal dexterity is a way to release potential and to stay cool when faced with the unexpected. More…

Group Dynamics

Instead of a theory based approach, we use a live, experiential environment to understand what is really happening in a group, then we can respond to the needs of each group in the moment. More…

Confidence & Communication in Meetings

Speaking up, fitting in, being heard, picking the moment, formulating your words effortlessly and performing on the spot all become one in this holistic approach to getting the results you need. More…

Creativity & Innovation Training

We can frequently feel like we’re not achieving our full creative potential.  We all have the ability, but it can simply get lost it in the pressures of the modern world. We strip away the inner critic, create a safe space, and allow your inner innovator to spring forward. More…

Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

These skills heighten collaboration, mutual respect and help to diffuse tension within departments, hierarchies and whole organisations. Great as part of a wider culture change exercise. More…

Engagement at Work

Sometimes we all need a little help to feel good about where we are, who we work with and what we do. A great re-energiser which is full of positivity and energy. More…

Mindfulness & Being Present

Improvisation demands active mindfulness. It is lively, highly experiential and a very effective tool for raising awareness of yourself and the world around you. More…

Positivity and Happiness

People in organisations should really be able to enjoy themselves. Improvisation taps into the natural and often suppressed joy and happiness we all are capable of exhibiting, even at work. More…

Risk-taking in Action

A high challenge course which stretches comfort zones to the maximum but without the need to drag your body through a physical assault course. More…


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Corporate Events using improvisation

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For example, one of our clients asked us to build an entire corporate improv training event around Howard Guttman’s principles of High Performing Teams.  We embedded those approaches into 6 workshops, a 500-strong conference keynote, an energiser event and an improvised gala show. You can watch the video below. If you’d like to see what we can do for you, please get in touch.



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